Remembering The Ones We Lost is a public memorial that aims to name all victims of conflict and armed violence in South Sudan. This unified and public recognition of individual lives being lost through violence is accomplished through the collective efforts of individuals, communities and institutions to name victims.

This initiative hopes to bring attention to the shared suffering, give additional meaning to cries for peace and be a tool for understanding and reconciliation amongst South Sudanese individuals and communities. As such, the website allows individuals and communities to provide the names of people killed in armed conflicts through filling of the testimonial form, email, SMS and twitter.

The project compiles the names of all people who have died in armed struggle and generalized armed violence since 1955 to-date.

Our Objective

To humanize conflict related losses in South Sudan since 1955 by documenting and publishing and remembering the names of killed and missing men, women and children, and to provide space for healing.

Our Vision

A nation of South Sudanese people who honour the memories of all those who have died in violent circumstances in the Republic of South Sudan, and a population which believes that never again should violence be used to resolve differences.

Our Mission

To establish, document and preserve the names of those lost to South Sudan’s conflicts, and to build memorials across the country to honour them in order to remind the people of South Sudan that never again should violence be used to settle differences.

Our Structure

The Founders

Daud Gideon, Executive Director/Director of Documentation


Awak Bior, Director of Communications


Anyieth D’Awol, Director of Trauma and Healing


Amanya Joseph, Director of Research and Advocacy